Our guest often say our restaurant is “a sacred ground for indulging in exquisite tastes”. We gladly prick up our ears and listen to their good stories.

Wise elders tell of a legend that says even the gods remember a good kitchen after a hundred years. And adopt it as their own.

We have been preparing delicious meals in the place where today’s Manna stands for over a hundred years. Almost two hundred.

Restaurant Manna...

... provides you with an unforgettable culinary delights of the Mediterranean and Slovenian cuisine.

Along the picturesque Eipprova Street in Ljubljana, surrounded by old chestnut trees, we at the Restaurant-Culinary House of Manna

will serve you divine dishes on Earth.

Manna is a mystery of the Great Mystery. Manna is that which is present in all that is. Manna is that which generates life. Manna has no beginning and no end.
From manna, everything is born. Into manna everything returns. And through manna everything is reborn.

Restaurant Offer

  • Gourmet dishes
      There is no permanent menu at Manna. Dishes vary with the seasons and the inspiration of our chefs, thus guaranteeing the freshness and...
  • Tasting menus
        The menus change by the season and reflect the current inspiration of our chef. An exquisite dish is the result of the...
  • Wine list
      In our offer we have about 300 different wine of mostly Slovenian wine producers from all wine growing regions, we serve also about...
  • Daily offer
      Daily offer are seasonally adjusted and are a reflection of the inspiration of our team of chefs.    ...



  • Summer refreshment with Gin-tonic
    In the warm summer days and evenings, we recommend refreshment with Gin tonic, prepared with selected premium gin.  ...
  • Certificate of excellence
    Please see the TripAdvisor website for the testimonials of our customers. If you have already been to our restaurant, please write your review, as this is the best...
  • Labor day lunch menu
    30.4. - 2.5. (till 5pm) COLD STARTER Cuttlefish salad with strawberries or Homemade chicken paté with truffles SOUP Slovenian beef soup with homemade porridge and liver dumpling OR Creamy...


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Address:  Eipprova ulica 1a, Ljubljana

+386(0) 59 922 308