Slovenian Restaurant

We are committed to using only the finest ingredients and healthy food.

We prepare traditional Slovenian dishes using modern methods and a great deal of creativity by our cooks.
Our cuisine could be called Slovenian Mediterranean cuisine of genuine tastes.
We only use top quality ingredients, homemade olive and pumpkin seed oils, seasonal fruits and homemade vegetables, spices and herbs, and other ingredients produced by the best Slovenian producers.

We are preparing our bread, savory pastries and pasta with flour from a local mill and eggs from surrounding farms.
We will serve you with three types of homemade bread and the best Slovenian pumpkin and olive oil.

Some Of Our Suppliers

All in all, we very much owe to Manna’s team diversity and the teamwork we have here. These ingredients make us the best.

Live From The Field

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Consolidated Butter Golden Ghee

Ghee (gi) is culinary gold, excellent cooked butter. Refined manually as well as with fire, it is the most versatile and imperishable oil or Golden Ghee. Through an extremely slow cooking process (48 hours) the butter is refined – carbon hydrates, proteins, casein, lactose, impurities and water are removed, leaving only pure fat or oil.

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The Piran Salt

The Piran Salt Pans are among those rare salt pans in the world where salt is produced using centuries-old processes, involving entirely natural crystallisation, working by hand and employing tools and procedures used by our ancestors.

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Game Meat Meglen

We prepare only the best game meat from Slovenian forests. The modern pace of life is changing our habits, but does not change our taste buds. Slovenian forests are known synonym for diverse and healthy wildlife. Only game from such forests and careful processing can provide high quality raw materials in order to prepare high quality
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Domestic Flour – Mill Feliks

For preparing polenta, home-baked bread, savory pastries and pasta we’re using only flour from local Mill Feliks from Šentjakob.
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Aquaponics is a natural way of producing food without chemicals in harmony with the fish.

Aquaponics system we have installed in the basement of the restaurant, where grown all spices, herbs and other herbs.

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Trouts Špegelj

Our trouts are bred at a small fish farm in Savinjska dolina (Savinja valley) supplied by the cleanest water of Letus channel, the artificial riverbed of Savinja.
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Bio Cheese Gorišek

Na obrobju Mirenske doline, 3 km iz mokronoga se v čisti neokrnjeni naravi nahaja kmetija in Sirarna Gorišek, tako imenovan mali raj na zemlji, kot so ga poimenovali obiskovalci je odmaknjen od prometnic in infrastrukture ter je obdana s samim zelenjem, kar predstavlja polno sočne paše za njihove živali. Začetki družinskega kmetovanja in sirarstva segajo
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