Frequently asked questions

During our years of service we’ve noticed that people tend to ask us similar questions.
Here we compiled our most frequently asked requests!

Do you offer vegetarian items on the menu?

Sure, we have a variety of vegetable dishes. That list includes starters and main dishes.

How often do you update your menu?

We do it occasionally. Each new time of the year we add seasonal dishes and few times a year we add special menus(like Easter menu; Good France menu; Valentine’s day menu; St.Martins menu; Labor day menu etc…)

Do you prepare special menus, like Diet or for alergic?

Yes of course! We know how hard it is to follow a diet on your own… Manna will customize its menu for any specific type of diet you’re on!

Do you have a private parking?

We don’t have private parking, but you can park your car on the street next to ours (Trnovski pristan 2), which is only 100 m from the restaurant.
We can also provide for you transfer, free taxi service (in Ljubljana area), which will get you directly in front of restaurant.

Can I bring my pet in?

Yes, but only allowed in the Lounge and Terrace/Gardens outside. In the Salons on first floor the Pets are not allowed.

Do you offer catering service?

Unfortunately, no.

Do you offer groups hosting?

Sure! You can book any of our dining halls and host your group there!

Can you join the tables for me if my party size exceeds 9-guest seats per table?

Sure. But we would appreciate if you will book table(s) beforehand, so we can prepare for your party.

Is there particular dress code required??

No, in our experience, guests always choose appropriate outfit for dinning in our restaurant.

Any other questions? Please Contact Us