Consolidated Butter Golden Ghee

Consolidated Butter Golden Ghee

Most of the dishes are prepared on a consolidated butter Golden Ghee.

Ghee (gi) is culinary gold, excellent cooked butter. Refined manually as well as with fire, it is the most versatile and imperishable oil or Golden Ghee. Through an extremely slow cooking process (48 hours) the butter is refined – carbon hydrates, proteins, casein, lactose, impurities and water are removed, leaving only pure fat or oil. 

Ghee is one of the most body-friendly fats, for it does not contain trans-fatty acids, it is made from natural milk (eco/bio) and does not raise cholesterol levels.




When used daily it helps to maintain well-being. Called ‘žonta’ or cooked/refined butter, it was known to our great-great grandmothers and was celebrated throughout the territory of present Slovenia long before cooling devices came into existence. While people were pondering on how to preserve the best (the essence) of what milk gives us, the imperishable gi was made over fire.

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