Valentine's dinner menu

Valentine’s dinner menu

Valentine’s romantic experience in Manna. (13.2.-16.2.2020)


Chefs greeting
… cones for a lovers

Adriatic shrimp
… wrapped in Swiss chard, pineapple salsa, sesame mayonnaise, crab chips

Foal tartar
… oysters, yeast towers culi, mushrooms

White creamy polenta
… poached egg yolk, canastrelles, prosciutto, truffles

Mangulica (pork)
… rye bread with parmesan, salad with pear and fennel

Ombrina (white fish)
…topinambur puree, sunflower seeds, rosemary

Valentine’s dessert

Menu price: 45,00 EUR

Price of ”all inclusive” menu: 70,00 EUR
(sparkling wine, wine pairing, natural and mineral water, coffe, degistif)

Instead of meat dishes you can also order only fish dishes.

Price: €45